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Why do I have a $15 Charge?

In our self service bays, we use a "count up" method for credit card purchases. This is opposite of cash transactions where you insert a predetermined amount of quarters in the meter and the timer ticks away the seconds. We feel this doesn't allow you to focus on what's important, your vehicle, because you are racing the clock to try and finish before the time runs out.

With a count up method used for credit card transactions, we eliminate the "race the clock" syndrome and allow you to focus on washing your vehicle. What this ultimately means is that you pay for what you use, not a penny more.

If you see a $15 dollar charge on your account (typically online), the first question to ask is if you are certain you pressed the "STOP" button on the credit card terminal. This ends the count up, charging method. Simply turning the knob to STOP on the function selector does not end the accumulating charges. Never fear though, your credit card charges do stop at $15, we couldn't allow it to run forever!

If you did press stop, and you know your charges were a certain amount such as $3.72 as an example, then read on.

When you swipe your credit card, we don't know how much you're going to end up getting charged for your vehicle wash. However, your bank needs some type of knowledge as to how much you may charge for the transaction. Therefore, your bank will put a hold on your account for $15. This hold will remain until you are finished washing and our system has told the bank how much the actual transaction was. Only at that time it will convert the hold to the actual charge you saw displayed on the credit card terminal. This hold is usually displayed on your statement as "Pre Authorization" or "Pending". It's important to note that Bubble Time Car Wash has not removed or charged you $15, this is completely a function of your bank.

We typically see these holds convert to the real charge in 2-3 business days. If not, please contact us at 816-525-0252 or via email at bubbletimecarwash@comcast.net for a resolution.